Brew Day 7/18/15


Did a double batch today. Today I brewed my two IPA recipes for a second time and made some tweaks based on my tastings of the first brews a couple of months ago. It was a busy brew day as I had to move around beers from two weeks ago that were done fermenting and clean carboys to get ready for these two new beers. At least I had a decent beer to share with the club as they helped me.


The brew day went pretty smooth with a couple of hiccups of me forgetting a hop addition and getting a little late on it. Hit almost all my temperatures and tried 5.2 ph stabilizer for the first time hoping it would help with efficiency but it didn’t. I was a little low on my OG for both batches.








Moving the Belgian Blonde into a keg went smoothly and after a test of the FG (it hit 1.000) and a taste test of adding an appropriate bit of the cold brewed coffee to my sample it is clear this is going to be a good drinking beer.


Moving the Milk Stout was a bit more tricky. I am adding earl grey creme tea to the stout and after some research knew I had multiple options for how to add it. I decided to split this batch into five 1 gallon carboys and try four different ways of adding the tea. When they are done we will do a tasting and decide which way works the best for the next time I brew this.


Here are some pics of the two IPAs brewed today.

IMG_0578 IMG_0579IMG_0580

The second batch was a bit too big for my smaller carboy so the blowoff tube will have it’s work cut out for it.


Until next brew day, cheers!


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