NUTBROWN Challenge Brew Day 8-14-2015

This month the club was brewing the NUTBROWN challenge. All members are brewing the exact same recipe with the exact same ingredients trying to achieve the exact same beer. Predictions were that no beer would be the same and we would be able to taste differences.

Flame on was planned for 8:30. Things didn’t quite go as planned. We were missing a thermometer and potentially were going to be short on propane. We set off to get both just after 9:00. By the time we returned and were ready to brew we fired up our systems around 10:15. The NUTBROWN challenge had started


It was a pretty typical brew day. Actually it was less stressful than our usual two batches per brewer outings. One batch, one brewer, soon to be one winner of the challenge.

The water was heated and we were about to start the mash. One of us had the grain in the mash tun then poured the water in. The other poured the water in first then stirred in the grain. The mash was a 60 minute mash. Vorlofting seemed to go easier and faster this time around than normal. We are not exactly sure why.


During the mash we sampled two previous brews. A pale ale brewed with oatmeal. This one was bottled conditioned and didn’t get the proper carbonation. Next we tired a Irish dry stout. The carbonation was much better and the taste was great. There was however a little oxidation. Its good that there are only 3 bottles left of that batch.


After we had the kettles full we boiled for 90 minutes and 105 minutes. The hop additions were at 60 and 5 minutes. Kent Goldings for each addition.


While we were in the middle of the boil we sampled a Belgian beer. Oude Quetsche by Tilquin. It was brewed with plumbs. Follow us on untapped to get the real lowdown.

Chilling the wort and racking to the fermenter went as well as could be expected. Our volumes were good and our starters were made a few days before hand. Put on the air locks and called it a day.


The weather was warm and the beer was good. I think the “same beer” challenge will be brought back again in the future.



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