Turbid Mash Brew Day 9/24/16

Wow! How did I get this crazy idea? Oh yeah from listening to the brewing network. The brew day actually would have been ok but I didn’t do the prep work to make the day easier. I also got all my volumes wrong so I ended up with three less gallons than I wanted and was slightly high on OG. Dough in was crazy thick. It was like a thick oatmeal cookie dough. We missed the temp and were a bit high but it seemed to be working the way it was supposed to.

We poured in some boiling water to get the next temperature rest and after some stirring hit it right on. We pulled off maybe a quart of wort by squeezing a bag of the mash.

After adding boiling water to get to a scarification rest of 150 the mash began to resemble a normal thicknesss and we were able to draw off normal runnings.

Final runnings went well and the boil was good but short on volume so I build an additional 5 gallons and did an additional sparge but still came up short. 

Final wort going to the barrel downstairs.

Gotta love the whirlpool and the nice pile of trub left in the brew kettle.
We’ll see if turbid mashing is worth doing for a lambic vs step mashing. Cheers!


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