Brew Day 11/14/15

Our brew days could not have been more different. CT was brewing an Imperial Chocolate Stout that he plans to age in secondary on 15 pounds of Michigan Sour Cherries all in a 10 gallon oak whisky barrel. He brewed the first five pounds today and the second five will be after Thanksgiving. Because CT … More Brew Day 11/14/15

Brew Day 7/18/15

Did a double batch today. Today I brewed my two IPA recipes for a second time and made some tweaks based on my tastings of the first brews a couple of months ago. It was a busy brew day as I had to move around beers from two weeks ago that were done fermenting and … More Brew Day 7/18/15

Brew Day 7/3/15

Our brew day was busy. One of us brewed two beers, a milk stout and a belgian blonde, while the other brewed an American Pale Ale. For the most part the day went smooth. We also tasted the two sours we have going. They are about a year old now and the last time they … More Brew Day 7/3/15